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School festival. Naming & graphic communication

Madrid, Pamplona.

Ute Lemper Spain Tour. Poster

Ayo en el Teatre Coliseum de Barcelona. 2014

Cartel de Gira española para Ayo (SFMusic)

toy blog

Toy planet catalog cover

3d  Computer generated image & illustration, for the 2013 Christmas catalog

New packaging

World of Seeds has commissioned us to re-design their new Seed collection packaging.

We´re the selected studio to create the new Christmas catalog cover for Toy Planet. Thx to Kanbei

Steve Vai Spain Tour communication

For Serious Fan Management

cooltech light bulbs packahing

Cooltech urban agriculture packaging

Packaging design for new release of Cooltech bloom & grow light bulbs.




New online shop for Vento Kitewear